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The Family Association Karlström was founded on 13-14th of July 1946 at Norlunda, Viby, in the county of Örebro by  the descendants of Carl-Johan and Fredrika Carlström , former residents at Höga, Viby. It counts today approximately 500 members.
The Family name
Carl-Johan and his sisters and brothers used the name written Carlström, later it was changed into Karlström, but we don’t know why.

The Initiative
The first family reunion was originated by Ragnar Karlström in Gothenburg. It took place in Viby in July 1946, a board was established as well as the first guidelines for the association. A register was to be made, family meetings were to be held every five years, a letter was to be sent out to all members at Christmas every year and greetings were to be sent out to some birthdays and so on.

Much later the board prepared a document to be sent out to celebrate anniversaries. It was illustrated by Kerstin Lindström in Örebro.

Christmas Letter.
Greetings and news from and to all members are sent out in December every year since 1946 .

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June 15 - 2013
Family Association wishes everyone a pleasent summer!
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