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Elisabet (1876-1963)
By Viveka Grinde.

Elisabet had a dream of studying and being a teacher but there were no possibilities in the family for that and she started working as a maid at Tjälvesta where her sister also worked. Later on she got a job in Vretstorp at a shop-keeper’s. There she met Karl Lindström and married him. He worked in construction and they moved to Vänersborg and Kristinehamn for some years’ work before returning home to Viby. In 1908 they moved into their new house in Vretstorp. They got five children, Karin, Gustav, Sven, Bengt and Nils between1901 and 1919.Elisabet also took care of her uncle Jan-Eric who lived with her family until his death in 1943. That was also the year Elisabet lost her husband in a tragic accident.


June 15 - 2013
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