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Tora 1864-1914
Amanda 1870-1944
David 1873-1954
Elisabet 1876-1963
Hjalmar 1877-1973
Oscar 1878-1920
Gustaf 1881-1970
Gottfrid 1883-1912
Gerda 1887-1979

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Ancestors origin.
By Viveka Grinde 2008.

Carl-Johan Carlström was born at Lyrestad, Västergötland in 1841. His parents were Carl Henriksson and Greta Jonsdotter. Fredrika Carlström was born at Vibygård, Närke in 1847 and her parents were Lars Olsson and Kerstin Andersdotter. Carl-Johan worked as a carpenter and farmer.

The life of Carl-Johan and Fredrika.
We don’t know how Carl-Johan came to live in Viby or how he met Fredrika, but we know that they settled in their own house at Egelsta, Edsberg in 1869. The first children Tora, Amanda, David , Elisabet and Hjalmar were born there. The sixth child Oscar was born at Höga in November 1878, on the very day the family settled there. They had built another house with a barn on some land they had bought there. All the other children were born at Höga:  Gustaf, Gottfrid, Gerda and Gerhard, the last one in 1888.

Ten children grew up in the small cottage where Carl-Johan also worked as a cabinet maker. He had  his working bench in the living room where everything took place. Hjalmar writes in his memories that his father was a hard-working man who often returned home quite ill but he was a jovial person  very much aware of his dignity. Hjalmar writes about his mother Fredrika that she  had a very good and sensitive character and always found out  how to handle difficult situations. The daily chores and the big family came out hard on her health and her heart grew very weak. To ease her burden her sister offered to take care of some of the children. Hjalmar refused and went back to his family but Gerda remained with Aunt and Uncle Larsson all her childhood and found a good home there. During the mother’s illness the older sisters and brothers left their home and started working but kept well in touch with the parents by letters still remaining. Fredrika died in 1896, her husband two years later. Before his death, he married a woman called Lotta, for economic reasons, they said.

  When the father died the youngest son Gerhard was placed with other relatives, Karl and Lovisa Pettersson, Västanmossa. He went to school at Viby School, the others at Berga. Probably the children went to Sunday school at Stenkulla, but there is no evidence that the family belonged to that free church. We know that the family loved music and reading and that they all were very good at writing.


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